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Who is My Dad?

With the advent of science and at-home DNA testing kits, understanding your ancestry is becoming increasingly easier. Sometimes, you find out more about your ancestry ...
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FAQ’s — Divorce

If my spouse and I are both pursing an action in Minnesota, does it matter who files a divorce or custody action first? No, it ...
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It’s My Home! No, It’s the Family Home.

Imagine that you’re in the midst of a divorce with your spouse and you two are attempting to stay in your marital home together to ...
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Divorce Resources for Children

Telling your child that you and your spouse are getting a divorce may be one of the most difficult conversations if you have with your ...
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Relocating Out of State with Children

In a family dynamic where there are separated parents, a child benefits most from constant contact with both of his or her parents. To move ...
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Mothers Have the Power

An unmarried Mother has all the control concerning the care and custody of her child born out of wedlock until the Father has his paternity ...
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