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Child Support in Dakota County

Providing Trusted and Compassionate Legal Guidance Regarding Child Support Matters in Dakota County

In years past, child support guidelines were based solely on the non-custodial parent’s income. However, after applicable child support laws were changed in 2007, Minnesota Child Support Guidelines are now based on the gross incomes of both parents and the amount of time each party spends with the child.

How Child Support is Calculated

To determine child support, a “base” amount is calculated between the parties based on their respective incomes. A “discount” on that base child support amount relies on the fact that a parent may incur additional costs during his or her parenting time. This “discount” is directly related to the amount of parenting time a parent has with his or her children. For example, a parent who spends less than 10% of his/her time parenting the children will receive a 0% reduction on their base child support, while a parent who spends between 10-45% of his/her time parenting the children will be entitled to a 12% reduction on their base child support.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services provides an online Child Support Calculator that may give you a good estimate of how your income may affect child support.

Child Support Modifications

You may be entitled to obtain a child support modification if you have a support order that was entered while the previous child support guidelines were in effect.

A parent may also be entitled to a child support modification if there is a “substantial” change in circumstances that renders the current child support obligation unreasonable or unfair. A typical example of these sorts of changes might include a significant increase or decrease in income.

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