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2015 Femicide Report from Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women

Each year the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women produces a report regarding the homicides from the year that were as a result of domestic violence.  In 2015, 22 women died from domestic violence, 9 family members/friends died from domestic violence and 3 men died from domestic violence.  

The report points out several areas that can be improved upon in an effort to lower the incidences of death with domestic violence:

  • Data Collecting and Sharing – agencies from the community must share their information in an effort to address the risks of the abusers and help the victims.
  • Criminal Justice System Challenges – the system needs to expand its analysis of dangerousness and provide greater training for personnel that interact with victims and abusers.
  • Enhance Economic Stability – often economic instability leads to anger, frustration, etc. in an abuser.  If housing/tenant agency worked together with other programs, maybe this would be helpful to alleviate some of the anger and frustration that can lead to domestic violence.
  • Address Racial Disparities – ask/invite experts in different cultures to collaborate to reach everyone.
  • Media Responses – train the media to understand the language of domestic violence and examine the level of coverage for deaths/incidences of domestic violence.

This report remembers each of the victims.  It is important and a challenge for us all to remember these victims and think about what we can do to help someone we may think is at risk.

A copy of the report can be found here: http://www.mcbw.org/#!femicide-report/ctod

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