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5 Tips to Survive the Holidays When in a Divorce or Newly Divorced

I was reading an article recently on the Huffington Post about surviving the holidays, surviving a divorce and dealing with the idea of this is the first in this new life of divorcing or divorced.  Many of the tips are very useful and I thought I could share them here.

  1. Choose Who You Spend Time With.    Let’s be honest – it’s going to be nice to not have to go the dreaded in-laws and see the crazy cousin that you never really liked anyway!  You now get to choose who and when you spend time with family and friends that you may have not usually gotten to before.  Enjoy it!
  2. Take a Break From the Divorce.  Whether you are in the midst of the divorce or freshly done with one, you probably felt that it consumed your life.  It’s all you thought about; you had notebooks tracking it.  Put it all away!  Take a break.  Go away for the weekend and leave the notebook home.  Do whatever you can to not think about.
  3. Fill Up the Voids.  Although it’s nice to have some down time, do not allow yourself to sit at home and dwell about the past or what was.  Go out! See some long lost friends.  Find a new favorite hot spot.
  4. Be Fair to the Children.  If there are children involved, be respectful of their feelings and thoughts through this.  If you are feeling anxious and sad about being separated from them, they are feeling it too.  Let them enjoy new experiences without worrying about how you are feeling.
  5. Enjoy Your New Norm.  This is the time to create new traditions and customs.  Maybe that means sleeping in instead of rushing around; new excursions with friends and family – whatever it is.  A new chapter is beginning and it’s okay to be excited about it.

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