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Children Caught in the Middle

Divorce is hard on parents; it is especially hard on children. Parents should strive to never place their kids in the middle of their divorce—either while it is occurring or after. Sometimes, parents don’t even realize that their behavior and actions are putting their children in the middle.

The worst ways to involve kids in a divorce is using them as messengers; interrogating children about the other parent; treating children as a bargaining chip; or discussing the details of the case with the children. When put in the middle, children may think they are the root cause for the divorce, or that they may need to pick a side. Children shouldn’t be put in a position to have such conflicting thoughts.

During a divorce, children need their parents to reassure them that they are still a family despite having two places to call home. Parents need to remind their children that they are loved, and must comfort their children. Children need to understand that they are not the cause of the divorce. Sometimes, parents lose sight of the big picture regarding what is best for their children in the long-term when they are in the midst of a divorce. When parents are unable to put their hurt feelings aside, they only end up hurting their kids the most.

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