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Rather than focusing on labels, it is more important for parents to focus on establishing a parenting time schedule that will work for both them and their children. The goal of Howard Family Law, LLC is to help you determine an appropriate and reasonable schedule that works for everyone in your family.

A parenting schedule will help set specific boundaries and schedules that specify, among other things, your child’s summer schedule, school break schedule, holiday schedule and special occasion schedules.

There are a number of options available to parents in terms of determining a parenting time schedule. Your imagination is the limit in terms of brainstorming options that might work for you. Courts will happily accept parenting schedules that parties create for themselves, as they understand that parents know what is best for their children. A schedule that works for you will not necessarily work for the other parent, and your schedules will depend on various circumstances, including your child’s age, extracurricular activities, your work schedules, etc.

Parenting Time Schedules Always Evolving

Based on the fact that people’s lives and circumstances are always changing, there may be a need to adjust or modify a parenting time schedule. It is important that parents understand the need to be flexible as life is always full of surprises. School districts change, people move, a parent may lose a job, children join extracurricular activities, etc., and as a result of these changes, the schedule that was in place previously may no longer work. If parents are not able to reach agreements to change schedules, the issue will need to be presented to the court for judgment.

When I started this journey that would prove to be one if the most difficult journeys thus far, I wasn’t sure where to start. After meeting with Lyndsay, I felt like I wasn’t alone in this mess and that I had someone who knew the ends & outs of this process on my side. Lyndsay made the process as easy and painless as possible considering the circumstances. She was very knowledgeable and eased my fears throughout. I would highly recommend Lyndsay and her office to anyone in need of a caring, efficient and motivated attorney. -Steve S.

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