When Modification Becomes Necessary

Post-Decree and Modification Attorney | Burnsville | Howard Family Law, LLCA modification may be necessary any time you and/or your ex-spouse experience a drastic change in your lifestyle to the extent that satisfying the existing agreement is no longer possible.

Child Custody/Parenting Time Modifications

When court-ordered custody and/or parenting time needs to be modified, it is vital that you and your ex-spouse take the proper steps to ensure that the process is performed correctly. There are many instances in which an existing custody or parenting time order may need to be changed, including endangerment issues for the child (mentally, emotionally or physically), relocation of residences and/or a change in a child’s preference.

Child Support Modification

When a party’s financial situation changes, there is often a need for child support modification. These financial changes can be any number of things, including an increase or decrease in wages, change in health care costs or the loss of one’s job. When these sorts of changes happen, it is important that child support be properly modified.

Spousal Maintenance Modification

Spousal maintenance may need to be modified due to changes in the financial circumstances of either party. Since spousal maintenance is based on both the payor’s ability to pay and the payee’s need for spousal maintenance, any change in the lifestyles of either party may trigger the need to modify the existing maintenance award.

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