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Spousal Maintenance Lawyer | Burnsville | Howard Family Law, LLCUnfortunately, spousal maintenance issues comprise a gray area when it comes to divorce proceedings in the state of Minnesota. There is no hard and fast calculation to determine if it will be paid and, if it will, how much will be required. Minnesota courts consider a variety of factors, including the length of marriage and age of the spouses, as well as their education, work experience, financial need and the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage.

Types of Spousal Maintenance

There are two types of spousal maintenance in the state of Minnesota, and while they both may seem relatively straight-forward, it is worth remembering that spousal maintenance disputes are emotionally difficult and legally complex.

Permanent Maintenance: Permanent maintenance is ordered when it is clear that the receiving party is unable to be self-sufficient following his or her divorce, either due to age, health and/or work experience.

Temporary Maintenance: Temporary maintenance is paid in a specific amount for a specific period of time so as to allow the party receiving the support ample time to become self-sufficient.

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