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I’m divorced – Now what??

You have spent the last months (maybe years) fighting over every detail of your divorce settlement or maybe your divorce trial has completed and you just got the signed divorce decree from the Court; take a deep breath, you are divorced.  

Many clients will ask, now what?  After all that anguish, fights, etc., you may not know what to do next.  Some steps to help navigate the calm after the storm, before you throw your divorce decree in the drawer and not look at it again, make some lists.

Parenting Time

Take out a calendar and right down your new parenting time schedule.  Write down the holiday schedule.   Maybe include important school trips, summer camps, etc.


List out any forms you may need to exchange with your ex-spouse.  This could be medical information (for you or for your children), school notification forms, etc.

Asset Transfer

List out the titles to cars or other property that may need to be transferred.  Contact any financial institutions to gather the forms or requirements to transfer assets in accordance with your divorce decree.

This is not a complete list, but gives you an idea of what steps you can take to start taking control back and navigating your new life situation.  If this feels overwhelming, definitely ask your attorney for help.  We are here for you!

You have weathered a storm, whether you wanted the divorce or not.  Now it is your turn to breathe, live and hopefully be very happy with the new chapter of your life.