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A parental break up can be hard on kids. After a break up, some parents have started to “nest” or “birdnest” to avoid discomfort in their children’s lives. “Nesting” is when parents keep the family home and the parents rotate who stays at home with the kids. The trend has been that the parents have two homes—one is the family home, and the other is a shared apartment. Most parents are not sharing three residences.

Nesting isn’t intended to last forever, but for a short duration to get the children comfortable with the idea that they will now spend separate time with each parent. If parents want to try nesting, psychologists suggest that nesting should not last longer than three months, otherwise children may get the idea that their parents are reconciling. Psychologists are divided about whether nesting is beneficial or harmful to children.

Nesting may not be appropriate for you and your co-parent, but you can still accommodate your children’s needs in a divorce or custody proceeding. The key is to be mindful about the choices you make during a legal proceeding. Keep your children’s best interests at the forefront of your mind.

Many Minnesota family law cases are settled before they reach Court. It is far better to reach an agreement about the needs of your family as co-parents than letting a Judge who doesn’t know you or your children’s individualized needs, determine what they think is best. Reach out to Howard Family Law, LLC, for your parenting needs, so we may help you amicably settle your case and help move your family forward.

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