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Orders for Protection: When? Why? How?


An Order for Protection is an emergency order you can request from the Court when you are in fear of immediate physical harm.  This harm can be because your significant other or family member threatened you or actually caused the harm.


You file for an Order for Protection when you feel your safety is being put in jeopardy and you are in fear of immediate physical harm.  No one deserves to feel unsafe.  An Order for Protection will give you a quick avenue to stability and safety for yourself and possibly your family.


To obtain an Order for Protection you must fill out an affidavit explaining to the Judge why you are in need of this Order for Protection.  The affidavit can be found at the Courthouse or online through the Court’s website.

An Order for Protection is granted if the Court believes by a preponderance of the evidence – meaning it is more likely than not – that the allegations of abuse are true and that you, and possibly your family need this Order in place to be safe.

If you have questions related to an Order for Protection, Harassment Restraining Orders, dissolution of marriage, child custody questions, or parenting time concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (952) 224-9410.