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Social Media Accounts During Divorce

What should you do with your social media account during a divorce or separation?

  1. It may be in your best interest to stop posting to your social media accounts because anything you share could possibly be used against you during the divorce process.
  1. If you don’t want to stop using your accounts or disable them, then don’t discuss your divorce online. Don’t be negative about your spouse, your spouse’s family members, or your spouse’s attorney. Social media should not be used as a therapeutic exercise to release your anger and frustration. When you’re about to post to social media, consider if you’d want your grandparents seeing what you are about to post. If you’re unsure, be safe and don’t share your post.
  1. Change your privacy settings to the highest level. Possibly consider unfriending spouse’s family members or co-workers at this may be a means to get backdoor information from your social media accounts.
  1. Change your passwords to your individual accounts—especially if your significant other knows your password. You likely want to change your email password, too, but only if it is not a shared email account with your spouse.

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