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Would you take a divorce selfie with your ex-spouse? Last year, the world was introduced to the divorce selfie trend on Instagram and Twitter, which was coupled with the hashtag #divorceselfie. Couples take photos during or after the divorce process and post them.

Divorce selfies offer the world a new perspective on the ending of marriages. Posts range from purely honest to awkwardly hilarious, but most importantly, the majority were civil. Newly divorced spouses do not post negative, derogatory, or resentful posts; instead, many newly divorced spouses post photos together on the courthouse steps to celebrate a start of a new chapter, after closing the chapter of their life with their former spouse. Divorce selfies taught the world to cheer for respectful and well-meaning breakups.

You start a marriage with a celebration, so why not end it with a celebration?

Let the attorneys at Howard Family Law, LLC help you end your divorce amicably and respectfully so that you can decide if a divorce selfie is for you.

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