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Text Messages… Good and Evil…

When you are separating from a partner, sometimes the hardest thing to do is communicate.  Whether it’s about who is paying what bill, parenting time or anything really, the person that was once the easiest person for you to talk to is now the hardest person to talk to.  Enter text messaging…

It’s hard to remember the days without text messaging – people had to actually talk to one another!  Now, text messaging has become an essential tool in divorcing couples as speaking to the other has become too difficult.  It’s great that communication is still open, but be careful what you text.

A couple rules to think about before firing off that text message to your ex-partner:

  1. Is there derogatory names/terms/etc. in there?  If there are terms that would make your mother want to wash your mouth out with soap, do not send it.
  2. Ask yourself, “If a Judge saw this, would the Judge be mad?”  Divorce lawyers can win cases based on what people have texted to each other.  Do not send messages in a fit of anger – it generally does not end well.
  3. Is it necessary?  Sometimes you will want to fire something back or simply send a text saying hello, but usually if it’s not about something necessary, its best to leave it unsaid. 
  4. Stop and think.  NEVER send a message when you are in an emotionally charged/altered state – if you are mad, hurt, etc.  Allow yourself to cool down and review it.

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