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Will Your Children Recover From Your Divorce?

The resounding answer is generally yes. An overwhelming amount of people will “stay together for the children.” Is that really the right thing? You have to decide that for your family; but ultimately, children are resilient and bounce back. Generally, it is more important for children to see healthy and happy parents – whether divorced or married – than to see depressed, angry parents that are together.

There has been a lot of research done on this issue as divorce is becoming more and more common in our world. What studies show is that your actions within the divorce are what affect children the most. If the divorce is angry, abusive, and full of combat, the children will be greatly affected by that. However, if the divorce is fairly amicable and the children recognize that the parents still work together but separate for their greater good, the children will bounce back.


Ultimately divorce and breaking up is an extremely personal and agonizing decision. However, the old phase that you need to “stay together for the children” has truly turned into an old wives tale that simply is not true. If you decide to stay together, it needs to be for you.

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