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Advice from Teachers on Divorce Mistakes

It’s fall and the kids are officially back to school!  While this can be a joyous time or a crazy busy time – maybe a little bit of both – I found an article that was very interesting.  


Although it is from 2012, the lessons from these teachers were very on point.

To highlight a few mistakes that the teachers pointed out:

  • Communicate!!  It cannot be stressed enough that although your marriage and relationship with each other is over, the relationship with your child is never over.  Your child ties you together forever.  As a result, like it or not, communication needs to remain open and positive for your child’s sake.  Talk about school, activities, due dates, conferences, etc.  No matter how you communicate whether it’s through phone, text or email, it is imperative that the lines of communication are open.
  • Consistent Rules!!  This is directed at school work and school progress as this is an article about advice from teachers, but truly this goes for everything with children.  If your child knows the expectations and consequences for good grades, getting the project done on time, etc. is that same and each parent’s house, they will have the incentive to do it.  There will be no game playing of, “Mom wouldn’t make me do that” or “Dad said I didn’t have to”.  
  • Show Up!!  You are parents forever.  Children want and need to know that they can depend on you to be there whether it’s a soccer game or a life crisis.  You do not need to sit by your ex-partner, but you can be in the gymnasium or on the soccer field together cheering on your child.  That will mean more to your child than you will ever know.

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