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Top Things to Ask Your Lawyer

The Huffington Post ran this article authored by a top divorce lawyer –


The article addresses some very important things to discuss with any lawyer, especially your potential divorce lawyer, when you are thinking about retaining them.  

Fees – A lawyer should never be afraid to discuss how their fees work and what they are.  Heading into a divorce proceeding, thigs can become long and protracted and you do not want to be caught off guard by the costs.

Knowledge of Opposing Counsel – If you were served and know who the other attorney is, it is important to know if your potential lawyer knows of the attorney and what they know about them. Attorneys definitely have their own style in handling things, some are more aggressive than others, etc.  It is important to know if your potential attorney has any insights on the opposing counsel.

Expertise in the Field – Like most professions, lawyers can specialize in an area of law.  Generally, although not always, a lawyer who does only family law is going to be more familiar with the changing laws, case law and trends in the area.  Divorces are unique and an attorney who does only family law, day in and out, is often more apt to handle it.

Opinion of Case – You are about to go down a scary, long road into divorce.  You will definitely want to know what your potential lawyer thinks of your case – the strong points and weak points – and what they think they can do for you.  You need to be able to depend on your attorney.

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