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Google: How to Win a Custody Battle; Now Forget Much of Anything That You Read

In an effort to find a blog topic, a simple google search of “how to win a custody battle” brought up so much bad advice, misconceptions and sad notions of what parents can/will do to each other, that it seemed right to try and dispel that information.

Many websites begin with parent focused issues – i.e. start the litigation first, better communication with the other parent, court etiquette and attendance, etc.  Although it is very important how parents interact and communicate, let’s not lose focus of the actual issue – what is best for your child.  Ultimately and appropriately, that will control any decision of custody and parenting time.

Further, some website actually make the recommendations that not only should you spend time with your child (which should be a given and not something you need to have a recommendation to remember to do) but says to document with pictures everything that you do with your child.  From an experienced family law attorney, we know that it is not necessary at all.  Judges know that snap shot of a happy moment is just that – a snap shot.  True, quality relationships are a series of moments that do not have to be documented by pictures but are a trust, a bond, and an affection between you and your child.

Ultimately how you win a custody battle is by being a good parent!  A good parent is focused on their child and putting their child’s needs first.  Court can be scary and overwhelming, but if you have a strong relationship with your child and a strong advocate in your corner, the Court will see that.  That is what is important.

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