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Six Reasons for Divorce

We recently came across an article on MSN.com which cited what the author feels are six safe reasons for divorce.

The six issues the article highlights are:

  1. When your partner is an addict
  2. Your partner is physically or verbally abusing you
  3. One partner wants children and one does not
  4. There is infidelity without remorse
  5. You have grown apart
  6. You have exhausted all other options

This is an interesting list, and it encompasses many fo the reasons we at Howard Family Law see clients seeking divorce.  There are some who would probably argue that this list is not accurate ; that it should include more reasons, or should remove certain reasons for divorce.

Whatever the reason may be that you are contemplating divorce, it is ok.  It is your choice.  Minnesota is a no fault divorce state, meaning you do not have to state a reason for wanting a divorce; you can simply request the divorce.

If you have questions related to a possible dissolution of marriage, child custody questions, or parenting time concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office (952) 224-9410