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New Legislative Session Brings Attention to Some Family Law Issues

Every year brings a new legislative session.  Some years they touch on areas that are near and dear to those of us who practice family law.   One such area is child support.

Child support laws were dramatically change in 2007.  Now with many years of practice, those of us who practice in the area and those parents who deal with it know, there are some faults that could be addressed.    One bill will create a new committee to review and possibly change the laws again.  Another bill is looking to change the so-called fiscal “cliff” that is created with the current parenting time adjustments.  

Another area being touched on are Harassment Restraining Orders and Orders for Protections.   It appears that are proposed changes to the requirements and standards as well as filing fees.

We will be keeping an eye on these very interesting topics for you.  Please check back for any updates regarding these very interesting bills!

If you have questions related to a possible dissolution of marriage, child custody questions, or parenting time concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office (952) 224-9410.