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Public Records: What Do You Want Your Children To See About Your Divorce?

Music icon, Prince, died over a year ago. His divorce from 2007 was unsealed and now his divorce is public record for all to read, review and make assumptions about. Many articles have been written about what people have “learned” from his divorced pleadings. The question to any divorcing client is – what do you want people/your children/etc… to know about you from your divorce filings?

Divorces go one of two directions – settlement or litigation. At Howard Family Law, LLC, we first try to resolve things via mediation and negotiation because you as the client know more about your life than a Court does. You are more adept at knowing what is right for your family. By settling, you not only save time, headache and money – but you also save yourself from filing ugly affidavits, pleadings, etc… that anyone can go to the courthouse and see.

Tradition litigation involves pleadings about who is the better parent; who has done what wrongdoings; who has spent what money, etc. Once these records are out there in the public realm, your children, family and the general public can access them and read them. The question is do you want that?

There is a time for settlement and a time for a fight. We are litigators and will always fight for our clients, but is the fight always worth it? At Howard Family Law, LLC, we assist our clients in making these decisions.

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