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Does Marriage Work Anymore?

An article was written earlier this year about the “5 Reasons Marriage Doesn’t Work Anymore.”

After reading it, 3 of the 5 reasons are related to social media and electronic devices. As a society, we are more plugged into what is going on in the world, which is excellent, but we are also more disconnected to the world directly in front of us as a result.

More and more often, divorce cases and custody cases involved what people have posted on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchats. People’s digital imprints have won and lost cases by society’s incessant need to post day-to- day, emotion-to- emotion updates about themselves. What is interesting about this article is not so much how to use it in the divorce but the fact that social media and electronic devices are likely somewhat causing the divorce.

As a general rule – whether it is related to a marriage, raising children, or simply enjoying life more – put the phone or device down more and look around. Are you happy with what you see? Everyone deserves happiness.

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