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Your Spouse’s Ex – Friend or Foe?

In this day and age, it is quite common that your spouse has an ex-wife, ex-husband or ex-partner that will impact your life. There are a few ways to come to look at your spouses’ ex.

While thinking about this topic, this article popped up. An interesting read about a woman who originally thought her husband’s ex-wife was not so good, but in time realized this woman was her ally and ended up being a true friend. In that case, the women essentially were able to team up and help each other against this man who struggled to meet his financial and parental obligations.

Your spouse’s ex could and frankly should also be someone you can at least be civil with for the children that are involved. Kids need to see more than Mom and Dad getting along to co-parent; they also need to see step-parents being able to co-exist with their parent. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones like the women in the above article that were great friends, but hopefully you can at least be civil and polite so the children can see that the adults in their lives can behave like adults and be there for them.

At Howard Family Law, LLC, we try to help clients work toward co-parenting in all aspects. Not just for the parents’ own peace of mind, but more importantly, for their children’s peace of mind.

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