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Relationship Killers – Are They Present in Your Marriage?

A semi-recent article found at the Huffington Post discussed “8 Biggest Relationship Killers” as according to divorce attorneys.

While reading the article, as a divorce attorney, we concur. Many of the complaints listed in the article have been heard by the attorneys at Howard Family Law, LLC. To highlight a few:

My spouse re-connected with an ex on Facebook.

This is unfortunately an all-too-common thing that we hear. Minnesota is a no-fault state, so legally extramarital affairs do not factor in to many divorces. However, they definitely factor into the emotional divorce a client goes through. Often when a client discusses however an affair began, Facebook or other social media is the starting point.

We never talk about our problems.

This is a very common issue we hear because suddenly the small problems are insurmountable and a person ends up in our office. We are an honest firm and will always discuss all options, legal ramifications, pros/cons, and possible outcomes with you. However, we often find that in our clients’ relationships, this honesty was not present.

We feel more like roommates than spouses.

One of the biggest complaints we hear. We often hear that the other spouse has “checked-out.” As a firm, we will never check out on our clients. We are attentive to your needs and keep focused on what is best for you and your future.

Whether these factors are present in your marriage or not, we at Howard Family Law, LLC will ensure that those issues are not present in our relationship with you as we guide you and advocate for you through your divorce.

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