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Communication Tools in Post-Order Co-Parenting

Sometimes the hardest part of the case is helping parents figure out how to communicate in a post-separation, post-order world when the Court is not hovering over them and attorneys are no longer on the clock. During the case, parties are often required to take co-parenting classes about how to communicate effectively, but what method do you choose?

In high conflict cases where a parent is apt to ignore, poke or frustrate the other parent, there are communication tools like Our Family Wizard (a paid program/app) or Talking Parents (a free program). With these programs, there are time stamps of when a parent sent a message, when parent logs in to the program, and when a parent reviews a message. These are great tools to be able to track whether a parent is effectively communicating child-related issues.

There are also programs that allow shared calendars to track busy children with activities, doctor appointments, etc… Google is an excellent resource for a free program, but Our Family Wizard also has a calendar aspect with their program as well.

In this day of modern technology, parents have a wide-range of tools to assist them in maintaining effective communication; an essential element of a good co-parenting relationship.

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