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Processing a Divorce Through Songs…

Stage One: “I used think we were forever” – Taylor Swift Your spouse may have just said they wanted the divorce or maybe you were …

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Breakups Are Hard to Do

No one goes into marriage thinking they are going to get divorce.  Most people going into a relationship hoping that this will be the one …

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Advice from Teachers on Divorce Mistakes

It’s fall and the kids are officially back to school!  While this can be a joyous time or a crazy busy time – maybe a …

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Top Things to Ask Your Lawyer

The Huffington Post ran this article authored by a top divorce lawyer – The article addresses some very important things to discuss with any …

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Smear Campaign: What is Relevant in Custody Disputes?

Minnesota Statute Sec. 518.17 (1)(b)(4) states that “the court shall not consider conduct of a proposed custodian that does not affect the custodian’s relationship to …

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Orders for Protection: When? Why? How?

When? An Order for Protection is an emergency order you can request from the Court when you are in fear of immediate physical harm.  This …

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