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Category: Divorce

Six Reasons for Divorce

We recently came across an article on MSN.com which cited what the author feels are six safe reasons for divorce. The six issues the article ...
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April 14th – National Ex-Spouse Day

This is really a thing. Who knew, right? The question is – is this a day of celebration, angst, anger, sadness, etc.?
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5 Tips to Survive the Holidays When in a Divorce or Newly Divorced

I was reading an article recently on the Huffington Post about surviving the holidays, surviving a divorce and dealing with the idea of this is ...
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3 Things You Should Say to a Person Going Through Divorce

Good, bad, right or wrong, we all know someone or are connected someway with someone who is heading into a divorce, or in the middle ...
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Processing a Divorce Through Songs…

Stage One: “I used think we were forever” – Taylor Swift Your spouse may have just said they wanted the divorce or maybe you were ...
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Breakups Are Hard to Do

No one goes into marriage thinking they are going to get divorce.  Most people going into a relationship hoping that this will be the one ...
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Advice from Teachers on Divorce Mistakes

It’s fall and the kids are officially back to school!  While this can be a joyous time or a crazy busy time – maybe a ...
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Tips for Effective Communication About Your Children During Your Divorce

During your divorce, it is arguably going to be one of the most challenging and emotional times of your life.  Sometimes the absolute last thing ...
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I’m divorced – Now what??

You have spent the last months (maybe years) fighting over every detail of your divorce settlement or maybe your divorce trial has completed and you ...
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Divorce Basics – How does your marital property get divided?

Minnesota is an “equitable” division state.  Meaning, according to Minn. Stat. §518.58, the Court will make a “just and equitable division of the marital property ...
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