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Category: Family Law

Does Marriage Work Anymore?

An article was written earlier this year about the “5 Reasons Marriage Doesn’t Work Anymore.” After reading it, 3 of the 5 reasons are related …

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Public Records: What Do You Want Your Children To See About Your Divorce?

Music icon, Prince, died over a year ago. His divorce from 2007 was unsealed and now his divorce is public record for all to read, …

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Fido is No Longer the Equivalent to the Kitchen Table!

In Minnesota, pets are not given any consideration about what is best for them in a divorce proceeding under the statutes. Pets are divided as …

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Text Messages… Good and Evil…

When you are separating from a partner, sometimes the hardest thing to do is communicate.  Whether it’s about who is paying what bill, parenting time …

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Lawyer, Litigator, and Counselor…

A wise law school professor of Family Law once stated, “You are not just counselors at law, but counselors of the human spirit when you …

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Cohabitation – New Spousal Maintenance Statute

On May 19, 2016, Governor Dayton signed into law a major reform in spousal maintenance.  

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Google: How to Win a Custody Battle; Now Forget Much of Anything That You Read

In an effort to find a blog topic, a simple google search of “how to win a custody battle” brought up so much bad advice, …

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Six Reasons for Divorce

We recently came across an article on MSN.com which cited what the author feels are six safe reasons for divorce. The six issues the article …

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New Legislative Session Brings Attention to Some Family Law Issues

Every year brings a new legislative session.  Some years they touch on areas that are near and dear to those of us who practice family …

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April 14th – National Ex-Spouse Day

This is really a thing. Who knew, right? The question is – is this a day of celebration, angst, anger, sadness, etc.?

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